T-Labs invites to the AI Hackathon — New Date: March 18–19, 2021

Under the motto “Empowering Diversity”, the AI Hackathon takes place, hosted and organized by T-Labs Intelligence team and Telekom Mobility Solutions. The Hack4Mobility aims to find solutions to improve mobility. The goal of the Diversity Hackathon is to educate and empower everyone to become involved.

The field of mobility has great potential for optimization. There will be provided interesting data with new challenges. The Hackathon is all about programming, contributing and benefitting from technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We are looking for tech-savvy people from all fields. Teams should combine different ages, origin, genders, religions, educations or sexual orientations. Everyone should come with tech-skills like software programming, graphic design and data science, but we also want this hackathon to offer lot of educational take-aways. Come with an open mind and make this event a success!

The event is free, sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. If you are interested, please sign up for this event on Eventbrite. For more information visit our website.

Any questions left? Send a mail to: AIhack4diversity@telekom.de