Online get-together — Project Management in Agile R&D

On Wednesday, June 24 2020, one T-Labs colleague Dr. Marlene Gerneth of the Blockchain Group, will hold a presentation about challenges and experiences while using agile project management methods in R&D. She will furthermore talk about the balancing act between creativity, agility and methodology.

You will find out, what kind of projects are carried out in the T-Labs Blockchain Group, how work is done in these projects and how the program management acts as a bridge function between agile working in the projects on the one hand and the requirements of a more traditional project management with the well-known PM processes like budget management, comm management, procurement management etc. on the other hand.

Join the event on Wednesday, June 24 2020 from 6–7 pm at:

For further information about the webinar, please have a look here.

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